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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Paris Shopping Guide for Fashionistas

Paris is studded with great places to shop due to which it attracts millions of tourists every year, as they book Cheap Flights to visit the city, also known as a shopper’s dream. Parisians have an immaculate sense of fashion and it is no surprise that this fashion capital remains the hub of all couture things. The top Fashion Districts of Paris are sure to quench the thirst of designer divas, discount-hunters, window shopper and fashionista alike so, go ahead and make sure you take home some of the best things from Paris.

French Designer Handbags

Which woman can resist this? A designer handbag truly reflects the personality of a woman as she carries her entire world in it. Louis Vuitton certainly springs to your mind but if you want something mainstream then you can go for Lanvin. Try Chanel classic flap if budget is not an issue and again a little different then go with Celine, not the regular one but Celine luggage tote- an envelope tote in ultra luxury python skin.  Still can’t find the one then go for fairly affordable and unquestionably French designer  handbag from Longchamp.

Hunt for Designer Shoes

Roger Vivier is something which is adored by most women as they have some classic designer shoes, comfy flats from Hermes is also a good deal which is very much French in style. You can also try the famous ballet flats from Repetto or YSL which is French too. Do not forget to check out the comfortable and cute Spanish shoe brand from Majorca which is loved by all gals. Again the ornate, vibrant and sparkly shoes from high-end Italian designer is gradually becoming the staple shoes in the wardrobes of fashion conscious Parisians so grab the deals that offer Last Minute Flights to Paris.

Buy Cosmetics at Viseart

Viseart is a place that is well known in the fashion and film world because it has recently opened up a make-up bar that offers quality cosmetics that are good value for money. The assistants are professional that help you to find the right cosmetic by appointment and give you a 45-minute makeover for €45 (£31) and a 90-minute make-up lesson in which you can experiment with your new look at €90 (£62). At a department store you are simply a customer but at Viseart you’ll be treated like a queen.

Chocolates and Macarons
Try the macarons from Laudree, Champs Elysees that is along the Saint Honore Metro stop, Pierre Herme who might be able to claim the title of world’s most applauded living pastry chef. He is lauded for his creative and perfectly made mouth-melting macarons. You can also check out this Japanese patisserie known as Sadaharu Aoki at Galleries Lafayette.

 A Bottle of Perfume
The die-hard fans of most elegant, bespoke and unique fragrance will find Paris the ultimate destination to find the perfume of their choice. Some of the world’s most experienced and prestigious noses work here that contribute to the traditional perfume industry of medieval times when fragrance was used for medicinal and curative purposes only. French perfumes are made up of some finest ingredients due to which they smell wonderful and last longer. Do not leave Paris without a bottle of perfume from Caron and L’Artisan perfumes, if you fancy something less commercially available. Other classic ones like Guerlian and Fragonard, while the niche and trendy- Serge Lutens is sure to satiate your hunt for the best fragrance.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Have a Beautiful Vacation in Zurich

I am sure that you can imagine how excited I was when I heard we were going to Zurich. I was going there with my family and I was very excited when I heard about this wonderful plan and the truth is who wouldn’t be? It is one of the most popular tourist destinations and I have seen it in many movies and this got me very excited. I could barely wait to get there and was certainly planning my trip already.

The first thing that was to be done to make this trip a reality was of course to make all the arrangements for this trip. Flight tickets are easy to find and I was very happy that we were going to go this place and I could go to the place I had always wanted to go to. When I went to this amazing place, in fact right after I landed I realized that I was not disappointed at all, in fact the place is more beautiful than I could ever have imagined.

Inexpensive flight tickets are not at all difficult to find, which is what makes it possible to go there so easily and once you are there is no limit on how much fun you have and how much you enjoy. We went to the Zoological garden; it is absolutely beautiful and exquisite and the amazing species that one gets to see there are marvelous.

We went to see the Great Church, the magnificent architecture of this church is something that whoever goes there will always remember. The church was built in the twelfth century and it stands as a representative of the glory of that era and is still as beautiful to the eyes as it would ever have been. Flights to Zurich like British Airways are easy to find and it is very easy to book tickets that are easy to be booked according to the schedule one has in mind. It is a major plus point as it is very important to have tickets on the exact dates we need for them.

Cheap flights to Zurich can be looked for online and can be booked as a part of a package, a complete tour package. The food that is available in the place is great, be it small cafes or big fancy restaurants, the meals you will have there will be absolutely lovely.

Our trip to the opera house was absolutely remarkable, the house has been built in an amazing way and the talent one gets to see there is fascinating. You can also book cheap tickets to Zurich and have a memorable and fabulous trip to this great place. The memories you make there will truly be great.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Christchurch Travel Safety Tips for First Timers

When people go to a foreign land they are in a holiday mood and often relaxed. They so relaxed and casual which opens up to highly organized crimes on tourists. That’s why our travel guru has taken the initiative to share some travel safety tips while vacationing in Christchurch.  Do not worry about these; instead make your journey pleasurable by boarding cheap airline tickets to Christchurch.

Travel Safety Tips

Overall, Christchurch is quite safe to travel as the locals are very helpful and amiable with tourists.  But there are occasional stories of scams targeting the vacations that come to this place. The best way to stay safe is to have a good measure of common sense. Security in hotels is good but be careful to travel along after dark. It is always better to avoid abandoned buildings, back alleyways and places that are not usually visited by tourists. It is good to be adventurous but not at the cost of your safety.  Even some urban areas have homeless population so bus and train depots in Christchurch can become undesirable place after dark. Therefore avoid flashing too much cash which can invite thieves and unwanted attention.  Do not carry much valuable on your tour and keep money in pouch that can carry in your waist rather than your pocket.

Christchurch from Tourism Point of View

From tourism point of view, Christchurch is also known as the ‘Garden City of India’. There is no other place in the world where, within two hours from the International Airport you can ski at a world-class ski resort, play golf, do bungee jumping, river rafting, biking, hot-air ballooning, watch whales and wind surfing. The place has some international accredited gardens and wineries. So you can always book cheap  flights  to Christchurch.

The Urban Life in Christchurch

Surrounded by hills and the Pacific Ocean, Christchurch is the second largest city of New Zealand. It stands on the edge of Canterbury Plains that spread to the Southern Alps. The Central City and some of eastern suburbs has suffered some damages due to earthquake but the city as whole continues to function normally.  It is still a great place to live, work and play. The city has everything to make your holiday special starting from free Wi-Fi spots, popular entertainment spots, markets to restaurants. All these compel you to book airline tickets to New Zealand.

Situated on the east coast of South Island, Christchurch is the city of contrasts. It is a place that lets its residents enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle due to its world famous natural beauty. It is a city which has growing cosmopolitan ambience that adds a touch of excitement without a showy business. The city center is known for its delightful feature and further comfortingly compact due to the serenity of Avon River. Its grassy banks are there are arrays of poplars and weeping willows where office goers and tourists gather for lunch joined by street entertainments. You can also witness ducks and seagulls that join you for lunch in the basking sun. So are you still waiting to book cheap flight deals to Christchurch?

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Live, Study and Explore Queensland New Zealand

New Zealand is a natural home to grab some fresh ideas because light and time starts here. It is true that New Zealand has never been closer to the world.  But with the advancement of technology there is no dearth for international transport means and educational opportunities. Therefore the residents of the country have earned their reputation for being one of the greatest travelers. One such place in New Zealand is Queenstown which not only offers fun in the sun but an array of educational courses including some local specialties.

 Explore Queenstown

Queenstown is bordered by majestic mountains and tucked on the shore of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu. It is famous for its premier four season lake and alpine resort. Many international and interstate students are lured to Queenstown with a dream to enjoy sunshine, go for hiking through the lush green rainforest and for number of tertiary education providers and regional Queenstown which is not restricted to limited options. So book cheap flights deals to Queenstown.

Queenstown, Australia can be your ultimate study destination that provides world-class education opportunities at some of the scenic locations of the cities starting from country town to the beaches. You will feel at home with the safe and relaxed environment of Queenstown. The education experience at Queensland will build skills to give a competitive edge to help you academically, professionally and personally. It helps you to explore opportunities for international students to live, study and work in Queenstown. To get this opportunity book airline tickets to New Zealand.

Discover Study Options in Queenstown

It is important to explore Queenstown to discover study opportunities and find helpful information on accommodation, transport, safety and work. If you are looking for a specialty course then studying in Queenstown can be the best option. It is a hub for growing aviation industry which employs about 14000 people which is backed by a strong education and training base. Today it has more than 15 organizations are registered to provide aerospace and aviation training to students across the globe. The possible areas of study are aerospace management, aerospace medicine, aviation technology, crew management, pilot training, safety and risk management. To get the best of education opportunities book  tickets to Queenstown.

Queenstown is famous all over the globe for being a premier tourist and lifestyle resort in New Zealand. The growing educational institutes are ensuring that Queensland is soon turning into a serious educational hub. To explore broad range of educational providers, book cheap airline tickets to Queenstown.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Visit to Brisbane to Beat your Break-up Blues

If you are thinking to leave behind your past and move ahead post break-up then nothing can be better than Brisbane in Australia. So get along with your close buddies and embark on this trip to a super-fun relaxing destination.

Experience More in Less
Brisbane is that enchanting part of the world which appears high on everyone’s wish list.  Coming to this breathtaking place is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Surrounded by dramatic landscapes, lush greenery and rolling vineyards, this place in Australia paves way for a geothermal wonderland, majestic snow capped mountains and aqua-blue beaches. It is so tough to believe that such a place can exist on earth or it’s just the artistic bent of mind. Whether its first time tour, extensive self driven journey or world class holiday package, you can experience this region of the globe with cheap airline tickets to Brisbane.

The Place Never Has a Dull Moment

Brisbane is the third largest city of Australia and the hub of Queensland culture. It offers a peek in the past and glimpse into the future. Start your day by paying a visit to the historic Windmill and Old Commissariat Store which were constructed by convicts in 1828. Then step fast-forward into the present and spend the entire day at the New Gallery of Modern Art. Visit the local sightseeing options by taking a trip to Mount Coot-tha, get adventurous and cruise on Brisbane River till South Bank’s sandy beach on the City Cat. Then fulfill your love for animals by visiting Lona Pine Koala Sanctuary which an abode for adorable kangaroos and koalas.  There is never a dull moment in the city and provides endless opportunities for adventure seekers by offering pocket-friendly  Flights to Brisbane. All these are enough to make you forget your bitter past.

 Breathtaking Natural Beauty Makes you Forget your Ex

If you are looking to experience the natural beauty of Australia’s Pacific Ocean at your own pace then you can plan your own itinerary. This can from Sydney to Brisbane so get some of slashed airfare deals by availing cheap Brisbane tickets. It lets you experience one of the scenic routes of Australia. Some of the freebies of the journey are magnificent national parks and great wineries. Mingle with the locals at Byron Bay and indulge in some adventure by going for parachute jumps, tandem hang-gliding, kayaking, biking, horse-riding and surfing.

All in the Budget

You will be surprised to know that there are tons of low-cost accommodations which start from bed and breakfast guestrooms to charming lodges. You can also opt for homely country hotels by booking cheap flights to Brisbane. Enjoy the rich culture of the place by witnessing one of the amazing plays at Queensland Performing Arts Center. So reserve air tickets to Australia after a bitter break-up to start your life with a fresh beginning. You never know after this ultimate trip you might understand relationships better and become a rock solid person.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Sydney: the Land of Mystical Wonders

Sydney has far many things to offer to its visitors than family-friendly beaches, luxurious golf courses, shopping and dining.  Your vacation won’t be complete by paying a visit to Sydney Opera House, climbing the Harbour Bridge and surfing at the Bondi Beach.  Go on a family holiday to the famous Whale Beach. It is located in the Northern Peninsula of Sydney with mouth watering barbecue facilities, soft sands for pinicking, sunbathing and metre ocean pool. The ocean view in particular cannot be matched when occasional whale or a pod of dolphins pass by. To get the best here, book cheap tickets to Sydney.

Check Out Some Must-Visit Tourist Destinations

Another must-see tourist destination of Sydney is Palm Beach which is not just a beach and it lies in the suburb of Sydney. It is about an hour from Sydney’s legendary opera house. Here you can go for diving, kayaking, boating, or surfing. Once you are done with your share of ocean, take a ride on the seaplane and enjoy the golf course of Palm Beach.

Newtown is another suburb of Sydney which is few kilometers from the Sydney’s CBD. It is particularly famous for its breathtaking Victorian homes and incredibly diverse population. Pubs, live music and theatre are an important part of this city that draws the locals and the cities alike. Paddington is near to this place that offers diverse options to shoppers. Take a stroll at the Paddington Bazaar during the weekends and witness some quaint antique shops. After shopping enjoy a quiet sip of coffee and friendly pub-crawl at a cafĂ© or at chocolatier’s.

Do forget to visit Surry Hills which was once a home to the infamous Kate Leigh. Today it is a vibrant art district where you get fashionable clothes, browse galleries and dine in style at ethnic cafes and restaurants. The urban part of Sydney will let you explore the bustling shopping district of the place. It has something or the other to offer to everyone starting from fashion, art, history and leisure waiting to be explored.  To witness all these avail Flights to Sydney.

Accommodation Options in Sydney

Sydney has number of accommodation options to fit your personality and budget. You can go for beachfront hotels and well furnished apartments that provide easy access to the sun, fun and hordes of fun on a beach holiday. Apart from these, you can also go for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing that right off your front porch during your stay at Sydney beaches. If you opt for retail therapy and spa services then locations around Paddington provide easy access to fashion and weekend markets that provide unique and high-quality handmade products. Regardless of where you want to stay, Sydney does offer number of accommodation options. So make best use of cheap airline tickets to Sydney.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Cairns: The Next Gay Wedding Holiday Destination

Same-sex marriage is not uncommon in UK; it is only that they have been accepted after decades of campaigning. Like any other couples even they have certain wedding destinations in mind but this time our travel  experts suggests them to board for cheap Airline tickets to Cairns. This is not only a fantastic place to visit but one of the pioneers that stand for marriage equality.

Explore Cairns: the Ultimate Wedding Destination

Before you head to this beautiful place to say ‘I do’ make sure you carry out your research to know the place better and look for some budget friendly tickets to Cairns. It is a bustling metropolitan city with a population of approximately 140,000 that centers on tourist industry. It is particularly popular for international tourists.  It is also a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef in Far North Queensland, Australia. Since the city is bordered by rainforest, it is used as a gateway to destination like Daintree and Kuranda. So book cheap Cairns ticket to enjoy the natural beauty of this sprawling city.

What Else on the Board?
The city boasts of extraordinary energy which makes it a popular tourist in Australia. It is a place which is cherished by travelers from all over the world. Most tourists come here to visit the Great Barrier Reef that sits offshore and speaks in volumes about the city’s character. No matter it is becoming one of the popular wedding destinations for same-sex couples as it offers number of opportunity like diving, snorkeling, cruising, bungee jumping and other adventurous activities. Amidst all these you will find that it is a fun place to get know the local and try out various cuisines.

A Memorable Tropical Wedding
Cairns is a great place to stay due to its friendly and relaxed lifestyle which includes night markets, city tours and crocodile farms. Though Cairns itself does not have any beaches but one can find mangrove mudflats. Port Douglas is one of the popular destinations in Cairns and you witness many beautiful beaches during a scenic drive. Port Douglas is also a haven for snorkelers and scuba divers.

The best part is that Cairns and Port Douglas are nestled in between the most alluring creations of nature which World Heritage Tropical Rainforests and The Great Barrier Reef. Cairns is also the second most visited tourist destination after Sydney. After your wedding ceremony you can also visit the nearby areas like the Atherton Tableland, Cape Tribulation and places beyond this. So make the best of your holidays by booking air tickets to Australia.

Loads of Budget-friendly Deals
There are various accommodation options in Cairns and Port Douglas.  These start from affordable bag packer venues to super luxury 5 star hotels. There is something or the other to suit your preference and budget. During the winter months couples flock to the tropical North due to which the place is a booming with weddings at this time of the year. Peak wedding season is from May to November so book your venues before to avoid last minute rush by going for Cheap Cairns  Flights.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Explore Top Attractions in the Green Australian City - Christchurch

Cheap Airline Tickets to Christchurch
Christchurch's unique location at the confluence of the Stour and Avon Rivers sparkle its own spectacular natural harbour making it the perfect destination to relax and unwind with cheap flights to Christchurch

Close to the magnificent Dorset World Heritage Coast and the tranquil New Forest National Park.

With tickets to Christchurch explore the diverse mix of captivating heritage, striking coastlines, countryside landscapes and an extensive multiplicity of attractions conjure up to make Christchurch holidays special.

Witness the Top 5 Gripping Attractions with cheap airline tickets to Christchurch a great range of quality assessed holiday accommodation, there are incredible places to eat and drink. Get a taste of a wealth of things to see and do plus an ample of festivals and events, there's something to suit everyone whatever the time of year with flights to Christchurch. This city enjoys temperate climate and therefore it is a much sought tourist hotspot.

With cheap air tickets to Christchurch capture top 5 attractions in your camera and heart:

The Arts center

One can marvel at the Gothic edifices that came to vision in 1877. It was the original site of the Canterbury College, later transformed into Canterbury University. Before the earthquake catastrophe, the Arts Center was a popular cultural precinct comprising of grand art galleries, crafts market, cinemas and restaurants.

Botanic Gardens draws in low budget airlines to Christchurch

The Botanic Garden of Christchurch consists of 10,000 planted specimens of introduced and indigenous plants. There are observatories and thematic gardens for public exploration, lawns to stroll on and a cafe. Get the kids busy and active in the playground that is just adjacent to the cafe as well as enjoy rides in the garden on electric caterpillar train.

Canterbury Museum

The absorbing museum has wonderful collections of items that are common to New Zealand. On display you can trace back the days of yore when the Maori tribes came into existence along with some stunning greenstone called Pounamu. Don’t miss out the statuesque Emperor penguin. Kids will definitely enjoy the educational interactive displays in the Discovery Center.

Science Alive!
It's magical and mystical! Inside the city's ancient train station, Science Alive is jam-packed with interactive and entertaining exhibits from enthralling optical illusions to things that kids can push and pull as well as climb. The highest vertical slide of New Zealand draws children as well as people of every age to test their climbing skills while coming in with low cost flights to Christchurch.

Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

The Willowbank focuses on native and local NZ animals and close encounters with wallabies, alpacas and deer. People flocking in the city with airlines flying to Christchurch travel down about 6kms north of the city to experience the fun or touring and exploring the nature and characteristics of a Kiwi.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Get Direct Flights to Melbourne & Enjoy a Vacation of Vacations!

Tickets to MelbourneBook cheap flights to Melbourne, Australia from UK and enjoy travelling through a vibrant city situated in the state of Victoria which people from several areas of the world have inhabited and loved. Melbourne is the kind of city that will not disappoint any traveler. The attractions of this city are as varied as the variety of its residents.

Melbourne boasts of a huge range of transportation options having four airports, all of which offer frequent passenger flights. For the daily commuter taxis and buses are available throughout the city. The city also has its very own tram network which happens to be the largest such network in the world with 1773 stops in total.Buy direct flights to Melbourne, Australia from England and be assured that you will have the best holiday of your life visiting the various attractions that the city of Melbourne has to offer to tourists:
  • Great Barrier Reef : The Great Barrier Reef is one of the natural wonders of the world with a span of over 2,400 kilometers. One can book a boat cruise or guided tour to see this amazing sight or the more adventurous kind, grab your scuba gear for a close up look at the corals.
  • Melbourne Zoo: Come and see your favorite animals up close and you can also to adopt one for as little at $10.00 a month ensuring that your 'pet' will get the exact care they need, while supporting the zoo at the same time.
  • With cheap flight tickets to Melbourne art lovers can enjoy going though the National Gallery of Victoria which happens to be the largest and also the oldest public art gallery of the city. The gallery contains artworks by famous artists such as Constable, Auguste, Rodin, and J.M.W Turner.
  • Melbourne Museum: Come see the huge blue whale skeleton, a living rainforest, a Cultural Arts Centre and an IMAX theatre and much more.
Cheap Flights to Melbourne
  • For the adventurous kind, you can book a guided tour and experience the wilderness of south-eastern Australia. This will get you up close and personal with the wildlife while you taking in the beauty of the luscious rainforests, secluded rivers and ocean beaches.
  • And if you are still not satisfied there is the Melbourne Aquarium, the Eureka Skydeck 88 and the Hot Air Balloon ride over the city.
Book cheap flights to Melbourne and witness the stunning scenes that the urban centre of Melbourne illustrates throughout the day, be it day or night. One can spend the day grabbing the sun and putting on some tan on the gorgeous beaches, the deserts, rainforests, national parks, and more. Take in all the adventure that the city has to offer. It lives up to the expectations of giving you the much desired adrenaline rush.

Make sure to enjoy the various delicacies that this Victorian city has to offer. From small cafes to local pubs, to luxurious dining at the best restaurants of the world, Melbourne has something for everyone to suit all tastes and budgets.For the sports enthusiasts book flights toAustralia and visit Melbourne, the sporting capital of the country. Take in the delights of experiencing huge sporting events such as the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Australian Open Tennis, the AFL Grand Finals and International Cricket Matches at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Step in the Astonishing Aussie Capital with Cheap Flights to Canberra

Cheap Flight Deals

Canberra, the capital town of Australia about which people often says that the capital has yielded like an unforeseen tot in distinction to the nippy antagonism amidst nation's two supreme cities, Melbourne and Sydney, is actually a deliberately devised and dovetail downtown with sublime federal architectures, reinvigorating gardens, whimsical lakes, relic art galleries, cultural exhibitions, energetic markets, and more importantly everything here is with an intent.

Beyond everything, it’s no shock visiting Australia’s capital is really a pleasing treat and every traveler buying cheap flight tickets to Canberra should remain prepared for loads of fun-filled activities and marvelous places. Taste toothsome Australian Cusines, wander down to one of so many significant buildings towering in the town, regain your guts at city’s adventure parks or simply enjoy a harmonic picnic with your family and friends over a river’s shores surrounding by iconic views and a rejuvenating calmness; Canberra promises to give you best out of your holidays.    

However, what can spoil your mood is to decide where to go in this big, purposely designed and magnificently crafted town. Here, Crystal Travel, home of UK’s most reliable travel agents, is trying to give you a perfect schedule over Canberra city breaks suggesting what to see and do in Australian capital.
Cheap Flights to Canberra

                             Where to Go and What to Do in Canberra 

The city of Canberra is an authentic hotbed for tourists arriving through Cheap Flights to Canberra and they never feel lack of alluring places to visit and enticing activities to do. New and old buildings of Australia’s national assembly are the perfect examples of craftsmanship and tourists simply love these delighting architectures. Other major attractions in this lovely metropolitan include the National University, several museums, art exhibitions, botanic gardens, and zoo.

Cycling which is not just the most frequent way to getting around the city for tourists stepping in the town through Canberra low cost flights tickets but also a very economical option, is unquestionably not-be-missed. Hire a bicycle and explore over the crafted annular cycling paths sightseeing vibrant lakes, rejuvenating hills and radiant suburbs. Personal cars, taxis and buses are also easily accessible in downtown at very lovable prices.

Plenitude of elite hotels, median restaurants, inexpensive cafes, kooky discos serving a distinctive blend of dining, drinking and delight to each voyager visiting the beautiful Canberra. And for shopping enthusiasts, it is a guaranteed charmer. Visit Canberra’s lively malls, decorated emporiums and large market spaces offering regional handicrafts, traditional wears, and countryside man-made goods to designed ornaments, contemporary merchandise and trendy outfits. You'll love the funky decor and resident DJ's will keep you dancing non-stop!