Thursday, 13 June 2013

Christchurch Travel Safety Tips for First Timers

When people go to a foreign land they are in a holiday mood and often relaxed. They so relaxed and casual which opens up to highly organized crimes on tourists. That’s why our travel guru has taken the initiative to share some travel safety tips while vacationing in Christchurch.  Do not worry about these; instead make your journey pleasurable by boarding cheap airline tickets to Christchurch.

Travel Safety Tips

Overall, Christchurch is quite safe to travel as the locals are very helpful and amiable with tourists.  But there are occasional stories of scams targeting the vacations that come to this place. The best way to stay safe is to have a good measure of common sense. Security in hotels is good but be careful to travel along after dark. It is always better to avoid abandoned buildings, back alleyways and places that are not usually visited by tourists. It is good to be adventurous but not at the cost of your safety.  Even some urban areas have homeless population so bus and train depots in Christchurch can become undesirable place after dark. Therefore avoid flashing too much cash which can invite thieves and unwanted attention.  Do not carry much valuable on your tour and keep money in pouch that can carry in your waist rather than your pocket.

Christchurch from Tourism Point of View

From tourism point of view, Christchurch is also known as the ‘Garden City of India’. There is no other place in the world where, within two hours from the International Airport you can ski at a world-class ski resort, play golf, do bungee jumping, river rafting, biking, hot-air ballooning, watch whales and wind surfing. The place has some international accredited gardens and wineries. So you can always book cheap  flights  to Christchurch.

The Urban Life in Christchurch

Surrounded by hills and the Pacific Ocean, Christchurch is the second largest city of New Zealand. It stands on the edge of Canterbury Plains that spread to the Southern Alps. The Central City and some of eastern suburbs has suffered some damages due to earthquake but the city as whole continues to function normally.  It is still a great place to live, work and play. The city has everything to make your holiday special starting from free Wi-Fi spots, popular entertainment spots, markets to restaurants. All these compel you to book airline tickets to New Zealand.

Situated on the east coast of South Island, Christchurch is the city of contrasts. It is a place that lets its residents enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle due to its world famous natural beauty. It is a city which has growing cosmopolitan ambience that adds a touch of excitement without a showy business. The city center is known for its delightful feature and further comfortingly compact due to the serenity of Avon River. Its grassy banks are there are arrays of poplars and weeping willows where office goers and tourists gather for lunch joined by street entertainments. You can also witness ducks and seagulls that join you for lunch in the basking sun. So are you still waiting to book cheap flight deals to Christchurch?


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